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Monday, June 23, 2014

So....the divisions in the Progressive Left begin to reveal themselves

  It appears we are at the point in Obama's presidency where the truth begins to emerge through books, covert revelations and declarations of innocence where Obama's behavior is involved.
  Most revealing is the new book Blood Feud by Ed Klein which depicts the hatred the Obamas and the Clintons share of one another.
  This should not be surprising at all: the Clintons ruled the country and then the roost until Obama came along and, of course, Obama thinks he is the cleverest guy in the room, notwithstanding the truly inferior idiots with whom he surrounds himself.
  Undoubtedly the Hillary appointment to State was to salve the disappointment of Hillary fans and corral the party under his lasso.
  Clinton's presidency had many, many scandalous books written about him (not to write in the passive voice---how much of it was true we'll probably never know) but Obama really hasn't had that many, perhaps because often times blogs contain the inflammatory rhetoric that might have been published in a book during the Clinton years.
  Revelations include specific comments the 2 power couples have made about each other and the fact that Hillary Clinton has a bad heart and some serious health issues that could compromise her intent to run for POTUS.
  Apparently Obama thinks Michelle would make a good president. 
  The Obamas call Hillary names.
  Bill despises Obama and Hillary knew right from the start that Benghazi was a terrorist attack.
  Obama's teeny tiny little head is trying to find a successor just like him.
  Though the knives are out for Blood Feud, it's not hard to believe much if not all of it is true.
  Ha. Let 'em eat each other alive.
  Let's quit talking about the divisions in the Republican party and start talking about the divisions on the Progressive movement.

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