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Monday, October 8, 2012

Perrysburg, Toledo wants your tax dollars

  It's already true that inner city (or is that a racist term now?) schools are suffering financially in cities like Toledo. People move OUT of cities like Toledo for many reasons, including taxes, poor education, too many giveaways to people who don't work and bloated bureaucracies.
  But wait. Obama has a plan to fix cities like Toledo.
  That plan is to confiscate funds through redistributing suburban tax dollars from cities like Perrysburg back to Toledo. We already have the threat of higher and higher water rates, controlled by Toledo bureaucrats.
  Now we see unfolding before us a scheme to tax the suburbs, block development through roads and bridges and block further expansion of suburbs without handing either the projects or the money earned through the projects back to Toledo, which has a voracious hunger and an always open maw for more and more and more.
  Stanley Kurtz has been covering the very real steps that are being taken to perform this task in Ohio.
  National Review:
That only begins to describe Obama’s efforts on behalf of the regionalist agenda in Ohio. A group called Building One America (BOA) has attempted to draw politicians from inner-ring suburbs across Ohio into an alliance with city-based legislators on regionalist issues. BOA’s goal is to create in Columbus a political coalition capable of forcing tax-base sharing and large-scale regional planning on Ohio’s suburbs. BOA is run by some of the same community organizers who trained and worked with Barack Obama in his early Chicago days. Those left-leaning activists see regional tax-base sharing as the antidote to what they characterize as the greed of America’s suburbanites.
  Kurtz finds it ironic that suburbs like Perrysburg are Obama friendly, without realizing his ultimate goal is their destruction. 
So listen up, suburban Ohioans. When it comes to protecting your middle-class communities, President Obama talks a good game. Unfortunately, his well-laid anti-suburban plans tell a different story. The president and his fellow Democrats are coming for your tax money. Redistribution is the goal, and suburban Ohio is target No. 1. More broadly, Obama’s regionalist agenda is an attack on the values and way of life of suburban America. How odd it would be were Ohio’s suburban taxpayers to hand Obama the key to their own undoing. Forewarned is forearmed. Suburban Ohioans, it’s up to you.
    Am I hyperventilating? Exaggerating to discourage votes for Obama?
  Listen to Obama's own words, in which he claims, "“We don’t need to build more highways out in the suburbs.”

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