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Thursday, October 4, 2012

Obomba won't take responsibility for losing first debate

  In typical Obama fashion, he's out on the campaign trail now whining that the "real Mitt Romney" wasn't on display last night.
  The "real Mitt Romney" is the one Leftists and Obomba have concocted. The one who shows up in the weeping garbageman ads. The one who doesn't care about anyone but himself.
  The truth is the same thing we've been seeing since Obama took office.
  See, Obama can never admit he's wrong in any way.
  He can't admit that Romney did a better job than he.
  He can't admit that Romney was right on while Obama looked small and pasty.
  So what's he do?
  He and his cohorts like Daily Kos are claiming Romney is a liar. That all he said last night was lies.
  Those lies are according to the narrative Leftists have created around Romney
  Gore claims the air's too thin and Romney had been in Colorado for a day or two while Obama, who was bored at the prospect of practicing, just flew in on the country's jets.
  What's really disturbing is how many people actually watched last night, which explains why Obama and his ilk are scrambling today to mitigate the disaster that was that debate for Obomba, who everyone knows bombed.
  Reid is out there lying again about Romney, who has been a tax cheat, an animal abuser, a murderer, and a felon, according to the Chicagoland bunch. This time Reid made up something about immigration, the opposite of what Romney actually said.
  The wheels are comin' off the bus and the scramble has begun.
  Pastor E.W. Jackson says Blacks are abandoning the Democrat party.
  Maher, Carville, Matthews and even Ed Schultz wonder what happened last night.
  Watch in disgust and disbelief:
  Like Romney said. 
  He has 5 sons; he's using to hearing baloney so let's just cut through the fog here.
  Once again, Obama refuses to take responsibility for his actions, his behavior and his policies. 
   See, it's Romney's fault that Obomba bombed last night. 
   Not his. 
   This makes him look even more pathetic than last night.

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