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Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Obamaphone Lady continues to inspire

  Ok, it really is possible that some people haven't seen the Obamaphone lady video.
  I know. I have a friend who had no idea what I was talking about when I mentioned it.
  Probably some news outlets have really avoided posting this video because they consider it racist, they realize how bad things have gotten and/or they're trying to cover for the moochers of our society.
  So in case you haven't seen it, here's the original video. Mind you, this is NOT a joke.
  It is not a comedy routine. 
  It is not something some conservative artfully edited in their basement to make Obama voters look bad.
  Um. Because Obamabots sure do look bad.
  This is raw Obama-grasping.
  So anyway it's obvious that this video was going to be parodied. Here's one:

  Immediately to mitigate this disastrous video, the Leftist press jumped into action. The most loudly touted was from cute little blond writer Elspeth Reeve at the AtlanticWire, in which she asked pompously," Just how racist is that Obamaphone video?" 
  I read this article and was mad for days.
  Cute little blond writer Elspeth Reeve got touchy when the conservative blogosphere lit up angrily, too,  protesting her acclamation that even acknowledging (and presumably recording) a greedy moocher like the Obamaphone woman is racist, I guess because she's Black, which apparently inoculates anyone from any criticism these days.
  It must be nice just to throw moral molotov cocktails at the opposition. Sanctimoniously sit on your perch and throw them from your lofty height down to the commoners (who were probably educated at community colleges anyway) beneath you.
  The Obamabots immediately jumped into action too, pointing out that the free phone program started a long time ago. Some claimed Bush, some claimed the 30s, but the primary origin of the Obamaphone is found in the Clinton administration, when the smarties in Congress and the White House decided to tax those of us who pay for phones so that they could provide free stuff for the poor. 
  So all these freebies/disasters that started under other administrations may have their roots somewhere else but who would try to deny that handouts have soared under the Obama administration?
  Back in June, Breitbart recorded that the free phones have cost the rest of us about $2.1 billion.
  Which is chicken feed, of course.
  Yeah. Who would deny that handouts have soared under Obama?
  That's who.
  Hey, Elspeth, I have a thought for you:
The way to stop discrimination on the basis of race is to stop discriminating on the basis of race.
  IOW, ya say somethin' stupid or revealing, you can and should be held accountable.
  Regardless your race. 

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  1. Not surprisingly, Tracphone and its executives have donated huge sums to the Obama Campaign. This is Chicago-style graft applied to a national level. This is the new normal.