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Monday, October 1, 2012

Is the problem in the White House bigger than we know?

  Honestly the Beltway Republicans Hoosierman refers to are barfworthy, appallingly bad commentators (or whatever it is they do for a paycheck) who seem more interested in Beltway party invitations than the destruction of our republic.
  Probably I shouldn't waste time on the likes of David Brooks (or Peggy Noonan) but his latest outrage has to be filleted, marinated, basted and charcoal grilled.
  Brooks claims Obama deserves a pass on the mess he's made of the world. 
  Brooks thinks we should just ignore 2000 military deaths in Afghanistan, ignore an undetermined (even by the White House) number of people killed by drones which are, btw, coming here, ignore a frightful economy tottering on porous bones and ignore the divisiveness among races encouraged by the most racist leftwing administration ever to "govern" this nation.
  Those deaths and the monstrous murder of 4 Americans in Libya amount to "a pretty bad week."
  It might have cost a few people their lives but Obama had "a pretty bad week."
  The Daily Caller:
“So, Obama, I think his task is reasonably clear — just be calm, stay calm, whatever that British slogan [is that] we’re all repeating now, ‘stay calm and in control,’ whatever it is,” Brooks said. “And so he just has to be calm.  And somebody made a good point today. He had a pretty bad week in the Middle East, or a pretty bad two weeks in the Middle East, but he reacted with calmness. And so he sort of gets a pass on really what is sort of a chaotic administration policy.  Romney is the one with the burden. … He has to say, listen, I haven’t been a great candidate, but if you elect me, there are four organizations I’m going to fix. I am going to fix the tax code.”
  So wow. This really makes sense. Romney's the "one with the burden." 
  Not the one who made the mess, who flew to a fundraiser after the murder of an ambassador.
  Brooks is fluttery that Obama "reacted with calmness" to the torture and murder of Americans.
  Well, yeah, you might call it "calmness," considering that Obama went to bed apparently unconcerned about the fate of the 4 Americans, waking to the news in the morning that he and 3 others had been murdered, not to mention tortured.
  Uh, HULLO, David Brooks.
  We have a problem with this narcissistic cold fish the media is excusing as "calm" and "cerebral."
  In fact, even Middle East leaders/politicians are saying that it's a problem that Obama hasn't bothered to establish ANY relationships with ANYone. 
  The truth is Obama's too self-absorbed to care about what's going on in the world around him.
  He can't seem to understand that, just because he declares "Make it so" it doesn't happen.
  You know, an interesting story came up on another website yesterday. 
  Chicago Kevin at Hillbuzz laughs that the tough guys over at Ace are puzzled that Obama golfs so much, considering that he doesn't really seem to be interested in the game itself. Though he brags about his basketball prowess (which is in dispute, from what I hear), Obama doesn't seem actually a fan of the game itself.
  Chicago Kevin has an explanation for Obama's behavior which makes sense. It explains the detachment. It explains the disappearance for numerous hours. It explains the odd relationships. It explains the absolute obsession with playing golf so often.
  Read it for yourself and decide.
  If it's true, our leadership problems in this country are a great deal more serious than most people think.
  If it's only a rumor, it's pretty pathetic that we're at this state where we can even speculate that such a story makes so much sense and that the pieces fit together so well.
  Sure, we've had randy fellows in the White House before, fellows who've abused the office by being so drunk with the power of it that they've taken advantage of young women.
  But someone who's uninterested in the welfare of the country?
  Someone who pretends to care about retaining office just to boost his ego?
  Someone who's so detached that he feels no need to build relationships with anyone other than sycophantic young men?
  Someone who disappears for hours, whose wife was so self absorbed/angry/indifferent with her husband that she wasted thousands of taxpayer dollars flying to vacation 4 hours earlier than her husband, which in retrospect sure looks like a marital snit?
  There's a problem here that's a lot bigger than anything normal people can solve.


  1. I read Chicago Kevin's explanation of the president's golf obsession. He's right. Most of us are blind to that sort of thing. That might explain a lot of the president's idiosyncrasies.