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Monday, October 1, 2012

Common People May Not Be Able To Understand Obama

Obama campaign spokeswoman Jen Psaki is worried about the upcoming debates. She worries that the great unwashed masses will not be able to grasp the intellectual pearls dropped by the philosopher king. He is just too deep for the average person to understand. “[W]hat the American [people] are looking for is not just a professorial list of facts or accomplishments or even goals,” Psaki said yesterday as part of her ongoing, almost-comical attempt to lower expectations going into the debates. She then lamented that Obama “has a tendency to give longer, substantive answers.”

Yes, I remember struggling to understand him when he was selling Obamacare with the example wherein a child is taken to a hospital emergency room for an asthma attack and gets a breathalyzer. Now there was a longer, substantive answer if I ever heard one. Then he was misunderstood by many when he gave us "You didn't build that."

“He wants to speak directly to the families — the people who are on their couches at home, having snacks, drinking a beer, drinking soda, whatever it is, and tuning in for the first time — and that’s who he’s speaking directly to,” she said.

Where would Obama be without low information voters?

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