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Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Ambassador Stevens Wrote of Security Concerns on the Day He Died

Ambassador Chris Stevens sent a diplomatic cable spelling out his worries about the security situation in Benghazi on the day he was killed according to the Daily Mail. The cable spelled out a disagreement with two militia leaders who claimed the United States was backing a centrist candidate to be Lybian prime minister. The leaders told Stevens that if Mahmoud Jibril won they would no longer guarantee his safety. The cable did not contain news of any eminent danger but it is worth noting that the report entitled "Benghazi Weekly Report – September 11, 2012 " made no mention of the infamous video that the administration initially claimed caused the ambassador's death.
As conditions in Lybia deteriorated the State Department rather than address the problem, began to draw down security forces. Thirty-four security forces were withdrawn in the month prior the consulate attack. The embassy personnel were concerned for their safety, the ambassador writes of
worsening condition and the anniversary of 9/11 is approaching and the decision is to lessen security.
Sharyl Attkisson has a great interview with Green Beret Lt .Col. Andy Wood who will be testifying before Darrell Issa's committee this week.

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