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Saturday, August 4, 2012

Why Not an Islamic Ride with Pride?

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Taxpayer subsidized Amtrak is marketing Ride with Pride a promotional scheme aimed at gay and lesbian couples to gay friendly environments such as Martha's Vineyard, a vacation destination also favored by Barack and Michelle whose evolving positions on same sex marriage should come to full fruition in Charlotte this September.

"This island off the coast of Cape Cod in Massachusetts has been a popular summer destination in New England for decades. This island paradise is the perfect destination for a gay or lesbian couple looking for a tranquil getaway. You’ll fall in love with the beautiful beaches and quaint towns lined with wonderful shops and restaurants. Martha’s Vineyard is extremely gay-friendly and the perfect location if you’re into kayaking, hiking or bike-riding."

Amtrak is adamant in its quest for business diversity;

"There are many components that may define business diversity, but we believe there is ultimately one main goal: To promote a fair, positive, equitable and inclusive environment, free from discrimination and harassment, with individual commitment to ensure that our customers, our suppliers and our workforce reflect the diverse fabric of America."

While there is much to admire in Amtrak's bold move there is room for even more diversity in Sharia compliant vacations.

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