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Saturday, August 4, 2012

Update on Chick-Fil-A Rachel and Adam Smith

  Lots of people agree that Mr. Adam Smith, who tried to humiliate a female Chick-Fil-A employee by filming her and telling her she ought to be ashamed of working at CFA.
  Mr. Smith has since apologized, which may have been in his own self interest since he was fired from two jobs for his lack of judgment and intemperate behavior.
  Here is the longish video. I have to say you kind of feel sorry for the guy, who's groveling but does make the point that "we" need to change our behavior and tolerate the views of others. I suppose he didn't notice that the CFA lines on Wednesday were pretty tolerant; maybe his own side of the argument (pro gay marriage) is far more violently intolerant of oppositional views than the pro traditional marriage.
  Anyway here's the video:

  Meanwhile Chick-Fil-A Rachel's fiance has set up a website for her; though she did not want to meet with this idiot the day after he did this to her, she has decided to forgive him, at least online, for his behavior.
  The Blaze interviewed Smith before he posted this video; Smith said he was emulating Jackson Pearce's, whom he calls a "Christian writer" (uh, don't think so)  advice. Smith claims he just forgot to cite the Bible verse she suggested. The Blaze:
Mr. Smith asked me to watch the video that he claims inspired him to act. It is a YouTube clip from a Christian writer named Jackson Pearce. In the video seen below, Ms. Pearce explains her thoughts on Chick-fil-A and suggests that people go to the restaurant on August 1st and ask for a large water and mention Proverbs 25:21, and if you video your protest, she will post it as a response.
  Let's go to Smith and others' claims that Chick-Fil-A supports anti-gay causes.
  Like founder Dan Cathy's comment that he supports traditional marriage, the WinShape organization supports traditional Christian family organizations. 
   It is their religious belief that homosexuality is morally wrong, thus the anti-gay accusation. As Christians, this belief has deep roots in the church. Indeed, President Obama said he held the same belief up until a couple months ago when his campaign started to tank.
  So let's just clarify again here.
  •   CFA Wednesday was about free speech and freedom of religion. 
  •   Mr. Adam Smith deserved what he got as far as firing, but 99% of the people in line on CFA Wednesday would NOT agree that he himself deserves to be harassed for what he did.
  •   CFA's founder has a right to give his money to whatever (Christian) causes he desires. Anyone has a right to patronize CFA. Or not. Just as do those who disagree with Apple's, Amazon's and Starbucks' liberal political stances.
  •   CFA Wednesday was NOT about hating gays.
  •   CFA Wednesday was ALSO about conservatives being sick and tired of liberals' discriminating against conservatives.
  And, wow. 
  There's nobody more intolerant than liberals. 
  Holding moral Christian beliefs is NOT a sign of the much ballyhooed H8TE which so often emanates from The Left.  
  You're allowed, at least for now in this country, to be a Christian and hold Christian beliefs without being persecuted.
  At least for now.
  I might add that many Christians are open to the idea of civil unions. It's the prospect of government forcing the Church itself to participate in activities that are morally objectionable to them that most horrifies Church members.
  UPDATE: Heh. Look at this picture of the Friday CFA protesters. Note the water cups at their feet. Twitchy has the whole story. Takes the whole "free water" thing to a whole level.
UPDATE TWO: Forgot to mention that, in his apology, Smith says he went to work "to film his apology" and that's when he was told not to say anything in response, and ultimately fired. Huh. Did he edit the first one at work? Wow. Great worker, there.


  1. As your humble servant, and being fluent in American-hatin', tree-huggin', terrorist-lovin', French-wine-swillin', surrender-monkey speak...I will translate Adam Smith's douchebaggery dialect to American for everyone.­k