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Saturday, August 4, 2012

Windows in Obama Campaign Office Smashed by Exceedingly Orderly Crowd

Who would have thought that the brain child of Elizabeth Warren would turn on Obama and smash his Oakland campaign office? Happy birthday Mr. President.
Between 100 and 200 Occupy protesters marched through downtown Oakland, California Friday night, smashing several car windows and the glass front of President Barack Obama’s local campaign office, according to media reports. The protesters had taken to the streets after being denied a permit to demonstrate at a monthly art walk.
Aside from that, how did you enjoy the play, Mrs Lincoln? If a right wing organization had rocked Obama's campaign office it would be denounced as overt racism but the local Oakland reporter goes to great lengths to explain that right up until the rocks were thrown the crowd was calm and orderly and after the attack many demonstrators asked that the demonstration not be judged by this incident.

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  1. I read they're headed for the DNC convention, though I'm sure the REAL violence will be at the RNC.