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Friday, August 3, 2012

Columbus mayor conspired to USE high school shooting

  Everyone knows Obama and his ilk want gun control. 
  It's just a matter of time before he issues some "Executive Order" to get what he wants. 
  Fast and Furious is a great example of this. 
  Obama told supporters that his people were "working under the radar" on gun control and, sure enough, details about Fast and Furious emerged, proving that the ATF and higher ups walked guns out through gangs into Mexico and the US, resulting in hundreds of deaths, including a border guard's.
  Now we see that the mayor of Columbus, Ohio, leaped on the opportunity to use a tragedy to forward his cause of gun control, contacting liberal groups and exulting in the untimely deaths of murder victims.
  How did this proceed?
  First they created a remembrance condolence page called When people left condolences, they utilized the personal information they gained from those sympathizers to create an email list.
  Third Base:
Within hours of a school shooting where children died, these cretins were jumping at the opportunity to use it to their political advantage. Even worse, they did it in a most despicable and underhanded way. They fooled people. 
They lied to people and told them they were sending condolences to the victims, when in reality they were unknowingly signing themselves up for anti-gun propaganda. The blood was still fresh, but they were already scheming to take advantage of people who wanted to comfort others.
At 9:02 AM on February 27, 2012 – less than two hours after T.J. Lane allegedly shot five of his classmates in the cafeteria of their Chardon, Ohio school – lobbyist Mark Glaze, the national director of MAIG, emailed Coleman staffer R. Lee Roberts and three employees in Mayor Bloomberg’s office to inform them of the news. 
  Just as Bloomberg eagerly sought his own ends in the light of the Dark Knight shootings, these people  leaped on an opportunity to use a tragedy to gain control over guns in this country.
  Would they leap on an opportunity to exemplify guns when used to save lives?
  I think not.
  It's all about controlling you and me; it's about the Second Amendment and molding society into their vision of the way the world should work.
  No guns. 
  No cars. 
  Communal living habitats. No water bottles. 
  A huge national grid controlling all our electrical uses. 
  Drones flying overhead, watching everything we do.
  Government agents at every transportation stop, eating out our substance.
  More and more demands from a bloating government who views its citizens as subjects of the crown.
  Narcissists in charge, everywhere.
  Menus determined by liberals who know what's best for you.
  The communism scares of the fifties and sixties were in our past, we thought.

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