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Friday, August 3, 2012

Rachel Needs a Vacation

There is already a fund "Rachel Needs a Vacation," to give this Chick-fil-A employee a big tip for her grace under fire. Meanwhile, as my partner reported her tormentor was fired for his revolting exhibition. Is that fair? Damn straight it is!
The meek shall inherit the earth.
The humble shall be exalted and
the exalted shall be humbled.


  1. Yeah, I totally disagreed with Jacobsen's take at Legal Insurrection. The guy is in a position of great authority in a company that is NOT a social justice gig. He showed incredibly poor judgment, bullying a person in a lower paying job. That deserves dismissal.

    It looks like he was booted from his academic job too. THAT surprises.

  2. An officer in a company has to be more circumspect than an hourly employee. We've seen plenty of corporate execs lose thier jobs for running their mouths.