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Friday, August 3, 2012

The Left's disturbing tactics to win

  Lying seems to be a tool of the Left these days. Not just lying, but outright blatant in your face "Who're you gonna believe? Me or your lyin' eyes" FABRICATIONS to support whatever cause they want to advance.
  Obama cites that a new study has been released that supports his claim that Romney will bankrupt the country. This study was performed not by a member of his staff and is totally "non-partisan", the POTUS cries.
  Non-partisan? Well, you might think that if you're stupid, considering that the person who conducted the "non-partisan" review is a former member of Obama's staff.
  It depends on what the meaning of the word "is" IS.
  Harry Reid says Romney hasn't paid taxes for years, regardless of the fact that Romney has been running for president for a number of years which would have made him even more aware of abiding by the law. 
  And regardless of the fact that the McCain campaign vetted his finances, saying all was in order.
  And regardless of the fact that Price Waterhouse figured Romney's taxes during the time period in question.
  Confronted, Harry Reid insists he has multiple unnamed sources for this information. And says Romney's dad would be ashamed of him.
  Even though there's no proof Romney did what Reid says he did, Reid says it's incumbent on Romney to prove that what REID said ISN'T true.
  So this is where the whole "I had an affair with Herman Cain" has led this election cycle. 
  The only good thing about this is that people (witness Chick-Fil-A) are on to them now.

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