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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Zimmerman WAS beaten

  Via JustOneMinute, we learn that George Zimmerman's doctor treated him for 2 black eyes, a broken nose, a back injury and two cuts on the back of his head.
  An autopsy revealed that Trayvon Martin's knuckles were bruised, consistent with Zimmerman's story, something not noticed by the Black mortician who publicly said  Martin's body showed no signs of a struggle.
  NY Post:

“We could see no physical signs like there had been a scuffle [or] there had been a fight,” Kurtz told CBS News. “The hands — I didn’t see any knuckles, bruises or what have you.”
  Yet now we know that Martin did indeed have signs of a struggle and we have to wonder why each entity involved in this scandal, including the news media, the Black activists and the morticians and other professional persons involved (like the special prosecutor who cozied up to Martin's family immediately) have not only not been professional but have been downright deceitful in selecting what they will release to the public.
  In fact, it becomes obvious that the information that has been released early was released intentionally to incite negative emotion and public frenzy against the "white Hispanic" George Zimmerman.

  Remember that Zimmerman's neighborhood members called him first, relying on him as neighborhood watch captain. In fact, the Sanford Police Department advised calling Zimmerman if citizens were in need:

The Retreat at Twin Lakes e-newsletter for February 2012 noted: "The Sanford PD has announced an increased patrol within our neighborhood ... during peak crime hours. 
"If you've been a victim of a crime in the community, after calling police, please contact our captain, George Zimmerman."
  So George Zimmerman calls the police to report Martin, who appeared to be casing the neighborhood, was suspended from his school 2 hours away for the third time, and a minute and a half after he calls, Martin is dead. 
  Does it really make sense that someone would call the police to report a suspicious person and then intentionally commit a hate crime of murdering the person he just reported? 
  The American Journal reports that the neighborhood was living "in fear" because of the breakins:

At least eight burglaries were reported within Twin Lakes in the 14 months prior to the Trayvon Martin shooting, according to the Sanford Police Department. Yet in a series of interviews, Twin Lakes residents said dozens of reports of attempted break-ins and would-be burglars casing homes had created an atmosphere of growing fear in the neighborhood. 
In several of the incidents, witnesses identified the suspects to police as young black men. Twin Lakes is about 50 percent white, with an African-American and Hispanic population of about 20 percent each, roughly similar to the surrounding city of Sanford, according to U.S. Census data.
  An ABC legal analyst speculates that the bruised knuckles could indicate Martin was struggling to get away.
  Pardon me while I belly laugh at that one. 
  Apparently we're supposed to believe that the man who had a broken nose, 2 black eyes, a back injury and 2 cuts on the back of his head was the abuser and the 17 year old with the bruised knuckles and the gunshot wound was the real victim.
  As usual, the activists' and media's stories do not make sense.
  Just don't you worry your pretty little head about that though. 

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