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Thursday, May 24, 2012

Obama and the coming race war

  There's something you should know.
  The working theory about Obama is that he's planning to do whatever it takes to win this fall. That includes encouraging race riots, if necessary.
  Who's speculating this?
  Well, Ulsterman has been on top of this since the beginning. Now, in general, Ulsterman's reports could read like conspiracy theories. Unfortunately much of what his White House Insider reports has turned out to be true.
  Now we have a report of a DHS informer who is also claiming those same tactics are on the agenda for this administration in an attempt to win or virtually cancel this election. The FEMA camps are already being readied for resisters, according to this report.
  Reaganite Republican has a thoughtful blog post about this. Here are a few salient points:
Worryingly, a US Dept of Homeland Security 'insider' recently told a Canadian paper that the Obama Administration is scheming (along with that heavily-politicized agency) to spark a Helter-Skelter-type race war in this country... only difference being it'll be the Bolshevik Boy Wonder -rather than Charlie- we'll be turning-to to lead us all 'Forward' through the ensuing apocalypse. Attempts at gun confiscation, curfews, and DHS checkpoints (they recently obtained the bulletproof booths) are what you can look forward to in this action-packed sequel to hopenchange.
  RR says the troops are all charged up with the Trayvon Martin case, which has definitely increased deliberately racist Black on White attacks around the country. Baltimore and St. Louis have serious problems, but Black unrest happening all over the country, particularly with packs of young Black males assaulting defenseless individuals.
  RR has a list of links to follow to verify this information.
  Even Michelle Malkin this morning touched on this issue. FNC has been wondering why POTUS will not disavow the Occupy movement (which, you'll remember, has had the SEIU purchase fancy office space for them a few blocks from the White House until the election).
  MM said of course it was part of the plan, given that Obama's background is in "community organizing" which basically consists of stirring people up, demonstrating, invading targeted persons' space, and blackmailing organizations into giving them money for nothing. It's in his lifeblood, just as the Occupy movement is part of the Columbia/Cloward Piven strategy of toppling governments.
  Indeed Jay Carney's much ridiculed performance yesterday in front of the press corps (corpse) is revealing. The administration is trying to deflect attention away from what they are doing, accuse others of their own deeds and stir up as much animus between Americans as they possibly can.
  There is an unfortunate minority that will buy whatever this POTUS says; witness the ignorant "Social Studies" teacher who was willing to bully a student over his disagreement  about Obama's efficacy as a leader.
  I personally know several prominent professional persons who believe Obama's goal is to prevent Americans from voting if he thinks he's going to lose. Surely the anarchy we've seen in the streets and Obama's unwillingness to denounce it or even address the violence other than to say he supports their grievances is a harbinger of what could happen.
  But all is not well with this group. Regardless the polls indicating so many people like Obama and the job he is doing, there's trouble ahead, both for Liberals and the country if they lose.
  If Democrats and their cronies in the press are willing to name call their own Democrat voters who voted against Obama in Kentucky and Arkansas as racists because they disagree with Obama, one can only wonder what else they'll be willing to do to win.

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