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Friday, May 18, 2012

Chicago protests heat up

We have contrasting views of what's happening in the NoNato Chicago Occupier protest. Breitbart is there, with cameras catching the actions of the protestors and the reaction of the neighborhoods who are being invaded. Watch here:

  We already know businessmen have been told not to wear the shirt and tie combo to avoid being attacked. A bank has closed today and Monday to avoid being stormed. Now the red and black "gang" colors of anarchists and communists are invading neighborhoods.
  OTOH, NakedDC, whose writer lives in Chicago, mocks the well- informed occupiers who thought Rush Limbaugh lives and broadcasts in Chicago.
  These people have been itching for a fight. We'll see if they get it. Already the communist affiliated Lawyers Guild is claiming eight protesters have been "disappeared" and, upon discovering them in jail, the guild claims they are confused and in "low spirits." 

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