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Thursday, May 17, 2012

This Could Be Huge...Here's Hopin'

It started this afternoon on Breitbart and was picked up as the lead link on Drudge with follow-on links there of the MSM trying desperately to put out the fires.

The Ulsterman Report followed, along with Glenn Beck's Blaze linking to the Breitbart story.

Soon, the blogosphere was burning with reports that possibly, quite possibly, all the "birther" wacko, wingnuts who have questioned the Anointed One's birthplace might just be RIGHT.

This biography, written in 1991, quite probably by Obama himself, clearly states that he was born in Kenya, not Hawaii.  If nothing else, he either lied then or he is lying now.

UPDATE 5/17/21 21:10  

Update on Ulsterman Report...

1 comment:

  1. It was just an error. A mistake. An agent who screwed up.

    Oh, and there was that AP report about the "Kenyan born Senate candidate" Obama who sympathized with his opponent, whose divorce records were smeared UGLY in the press, a very mysterious development.

    In fact, Obama himself didn't deny being born in Kenya.

    But he, like, lied to his diary too sooooooo.