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Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Ann vs. Michelle: who's the prima donna here?

    Apparently perceiving that Ann Romney is the Ace in Romney's campaign, the LA Times is after her again. She suffers from debilitating illnesses such as cancer and multiple sclerosis so, by all rights, she should be afforded the same luxuries as the partisan Michelle Obama, but not so.
  Big Journalism dissects the LA Times hit piece here; the obvious implication is that Ann Romney's a rich woman who simply cannot relate to the average American.
  After all, she has had a personal trainer at her disposal for years.
  She's had a personal chef for years.
  She's traveled around the world: Africa, Europe, the Olympics, often accompanied by hundreds and hundreds of people in her entourage.
  She's sent her 12 year old daughter and 12 of her daughter's friends to Mexico, accompanied by Secret Service.
  She's known for her $500 sneakers and $3000 (and more) dresses and is rumored to have spend $50,000 on ladies unmentionables on a quick trip to New York.
  She prefers to vacation in the Hamptons, Martha's Vineyard and exclusive skiing resorts. It's not a problem for her to fly to Hawaii a few hours ahead of her husband at the cost of some $150,000 per hour.
  But wait, you say.
  This doesn't sound like Ann Rom....
  Oh, yeah. 
  It's not.
  It's Michelle O, queen of the colonies. 
  You haven't seen any exposes on this woman?
  Of course not.
  She's one of the 99 percent, not like Ann Romney, who's one of the 1 percent.

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