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Saturday, May 26, 2012

Obama's Choom Gang problem

  Let's clarify a few things.  
  So Romney is a rich guy. 
  Obama, the millionaire, is not. Obama and his wife fly around the globe on the taxpayer dime but he's not an abuser of dollars.
  And Romney is said to have been "abusive" to a kid in high school. Obama admitted he was, too, but he's not "abusive."
  Obama has a little choom problem, which Romney apparently doesn't have but who knows what the next few months will bring as the Obamabots will create some non-equivalency to balance out Obama's problematic drug use past.
  Obama's group was known as the Choom Gang, now being depicted by the LSM as "nothing new" and the equivalent of Romney's car elevator, right along side Joe Biden's "incredibly moving speech."
  Nice juxtaposition, that.
  How important was the Choom Gang to Obama's years?
  In his final high school yearbook statement of thanks to the people who had influenced him most, he mentions his grandparents and his Choom buddies including his gay drug dealer who was later murdered by a lover.
  Obama invented several ways for his buddies to get the most out of pot smoking, like shutting themselves in a car with the windows rolled up.
  Pot smoking was more like a vocation for Obama during high school and later in college, as he has admitted in his two biographies. Not an avocation.
  But this, unlike Romney's dog, is old news and thus both untouchable and irrelevant to Obama's fitness to serve as POTUS.
  If Romney had such a past.....

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