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Sunday, May 20, 2012

What's up with Joe Biden?

  I have always contended that the reason Joe Biden was chosen as VP for Obama is that he is absolutely no competition for the most narcissistic president in the history of the United States.
  Next to Biden, anybody'd look like a "Prince."
  There are other reasons, I speculate, for the choice of Biden.
  He's old and unlikely to succeed the current POTUS, if he should (shudder) gain another term.
  He's a sycophant who isn't ashamed to suck up in the most abhorrent ways, even though he often goes too far. Uh. Who can forget the "Barack has a big stick" comment.
  But now Biden's condition of being gaffetastic has advanced to a degree that has many in the conservative media clucking about what the heck is up, if not wrong, with Joe Biden.
  White House Dossier runs down the list of recent blabbermouth mistakes. We include below the video that presumably inspired the speculation that things have gone a bit too far with Old Joe lately:
I’m not particularly trying to be funny here. Vice President Biden, known as a gaffe machine, has converted himself into a gaffe production line. 
Biden’s inability to keep his neurological circuitry running smoothly has escalated as of late, and if the wheels don’t start turning in a more assured manner, people are going to begin to question his fitness for office.
  This is why speculation has increased that Hillary Clinton will be tapped to replace Old Joe, though one suspects that competitiveness between Obama and Clinton is more than just during primary season. 
  It would certainly give Obama an electoral advantage and Clinton the lead in the next election. One wonders if Obama's ego would let him go that route.

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