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Thursday, May 10, 2012

Obama's dog may rise again

    So let me get this straight.
    Obama was sniffing cocaine the last two years of college. 
  He's got a Social Security number that originated in Connecticut even though he's never been there. 
  He's got a very mysterious birth certificate, a polygamous father, grades we've never seen, articles he's never written or released as editor of the Harvard Law Review. 
  He's got weird Commie connections up the wazoo including a surrogate father and a really wild mother who held court with some really really strange people. 
  Then one day Obama is "forced" to admit he's "evolved" on the issue of gay marriage, moved into the "right side of history" and made an "historic" proclamation that rocked the star universe into donating 15 million dollars in one day.
  Strangely, coincidentally, the day after The Prince is "forced" to admit  that he's on the "right side of history" the WaPo has a lengthy and extensive story on a Romney transgression supposed to have happened 50 years ago.
  That wild man Romney is supposed to have cut a "presumed homosexual" someone's hair in high school forcefully
  Romney doesn't remember it but knows he was naughty in high school.
  One of the sources cited in the article says it never happened. 
  And the "presumed homosexual" has been dead since 2004.
  The other guys who remember the incident clearly are said to have Democrat connections.
  Sounds kinda like the press has sent 12 reporters to Alaska to read Sarah Palin's emails.
  Or hunted down some Democrat women to testify against Herman Cain.
  Or found an obscure meaning no one's ever heard of for the word "macaca," a word that sounded like another word that someone may believe is a racial slur for a tribe nobody's ever heard of.
  Yeah, that wild man Romney's our guy.
  Those rascals better watch it or this incident may enter dog territory.

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