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Friday, May 18, 2012

With Obama, there is no conscience but his

  The dishonesty of this administration continues, as Obama, et al, continue to blame Bush for everything that ever went wrong in this country.
  It's not his fault, they wail.
  Why should the economy be held against Obama?
  After all, it's the Bush tax cuts, the wars, the "economic downturn" which are all due to Bush, not Obama.
  Well, it's true that Bush was defending this country by fighting our enemies, something Obama seems loathe to do.
  And it's true that Bush got those tax cuts passed with Democrat approval. And it's true that the expiration of those tax cuts is being called "taxmageddon."
  Oh, and it's true that a huge "stimulus" was passed that created, oh, one or two hundred jobs, some in China. And it's true that Democrats, who'd held the Congress from 2007 until 2011, two years of which were a nightmare of complete control.
  And it's true that the Democrats haven't passed a budget for THREE years.
  Also true is the TARP bailout, the auto bailout, the numerous giveaways, the bailout of Fannie and Freddie.
  Oh, and Obama has spent money on numerous failed projects.
  But none of these financial fiascos are his fault.
  He's completely innocent, they tell ya.
  Even while, as the dishonesty continues, the jobless numbers declared last week to be improving have now been, again, revised.
  That's ok.
  We just want to be sure Obama gets his favorable numbers every week. Then next week we can go in and quietly "revise" those numbers closer to reality.
  And, in keeping with having no consciences themselves, Pelosi does not support conscience clauses for religious folks.
  Which, really, goes along with the whole "forget your religion when it comes to this government" mentality which doesn't seem to believe that anyone can have any conscience other than government approved conscience causes.
  Pelosi calls conscience decisions "manufactured crises," which, indeed, to them, probably is, considering that they don't seem to have any regarding the rights of others.
  Many organizations (doctors, religious leaders, AARP, unions) let the Obama organization run roughshod over the rights of the citizens of this nation. They had to know there'd be a debt to pay eventually.
  Manufactured crises indeed.
  Obama's the one who manufactured them.

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