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Friday, May 18, 2012

More on Obama's "Kenyan" birth

  So the kerfuffle over the Obama author information of his being a Kenyan has created a stir.
  Breitbart points out that (gee, who would think) each author submits his own biographical information according to the publishers' own guidelines to the writers of the author biographies.
  Roger Simon thinks Obama, who obviously described himself as a Kenyan (I mean, seriously. How do you deny that he himself described himself this way on several, maybe even numerous, occasions?) was gaming the system, probably born in Hawaii, but was pulling an Elizabeth Warren in getting the most bang for their free bucks by lying about his/her background.
  So we can't get too excited about this. As Rush says, Obama would like everyone to be focused on this kind of stuff rather than the economy.
  But seriously.
  Can we trust anything this man says?
  Quite remarkable was the audio Rush played of Charlie Rose's interview with several reporters about how little they knew about Obama, after he was safely elected. He's creepy and completely created (like Julia) they said.
  Text of the conversation is over at NoQuarters.
  One wonders if any of these people can be trusted.

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