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Monday, May 28, 2012

VFW Furious at MSNBC and Chris Hayes

The country's largest veterans organization, the VFW, has demanded an apology from MSNBC for remarks made by the effeminate and effete anchor Chris Hayes. Hayes, it seems, has thing about referring to those who have given that " last full measure of devotion " as heroes. Making heroes of fallen soldiers glorifies war, Hayes argues.
"Chris Hayes' recent remarks on MSNBC regarding our fallen service members are reprehensible and disgusting," VFW National Commander Richard DeNoyer said in a statement to "His words reflect his obvious disregard for the service and sacrifice of the men and women who have paid the ultimate price while defending our nation. His insipid statement is particularly callous because it comes at a time when our entire nation pauses to reflect and honor the memory of our nations' fallen heroes."
He continued: "It is especially devastating to the many broken-hearted children, spouses and parents, left behind to grieve for a loved one. Such an ignorant and uncaring and blatant disregard for people's deep feelings are indefensible, and that is why the Veterans of Foreign Wars of the United States demand that Mr. Hayes and MSNBC provides an immediate and unequivocal apology." 
To carry Hayes' argument to its logical conclusion, if the nation does not treat fallen warriors as heroes then there is no need for Memorial Day, nor national cemeteries, nor white crosses, nor red poppies, nor tombs of the unknown soldiers. Sadly, there are many who owe their freedom, health, and wealth to those who gave so unselfishly all that they could give, who agree with Hayes. Maybe the latest Gallup Poll showing Romney leading Obama by 28 points among male veterans reflects their discomfort and distrust of the left.

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