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Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Will Connecticut Bankrupt The Obama Campaign?

Something is amiss this election. While the formerly main stream media focuses on the recent overly Democratically sampled CBS/NYT/Quinnipiac poll, the left leaning PPP poll keeps bringing up evidence that Obama is sinking fast. They don't admit it but their data continues to suggest huge defections by independents and even Democrats. Last week in a post I noted that PPP had found 21 percent of Democrats in New Mexico had jumped ship. Support among Hispanics in that state had declined after Obama had announced his illegal iteration of the Dream Act.
Now, according to PPP , true blue Connecticut is wavering. Obama continues to lead by 8 percent but he beat McCain by almost 23 percent. Most voters in the Nutmeg state would rather have gonorrhea than as Dan Malloy as governor. Only 33 percent of them approve of Malloy's job performance so there is probably some contempt for Democrats in general.
Suppose Obama's numbers slip another 3 points here after the Republican convention. Then Obama would have to spend some serious money in the expensive New York media market. If Chris Christie can wake up New Jersey with a rousing keynote speech team Obama would be compelled to fight in the expensive Philadelphia media market. Team Obama has run a deficit for the last two months just to tread water. The price of winning Connecticut may be more than it can pay.

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