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Sunday, August 5, 2012

Linda McMahon Didn't Build That

What's next? Will RINO Chris Shays tell us that Vince and Linda McMahon didn't build the WWE. Somebody else made that happen. Yes they piped their entertainment in 13 million American homes but they had help along the way. God bless the FCC. There is nothing sillier than a RINO trying to make a populist argument. He would look more dignified tap dancing. Shays cries McMahon doesn't want to debate him and that she won't meet with editorial boards who would gladly bludgeon her at his behest until it was time to endorse Chris Murphy. So what has Chris Shays done for his district lately? Better yet what has Chris Shays ever done for his district other than lose it to Jim Himes?
Shays has said he might be a long shot, but if voters choose him, they’re choosing experience. Experienced at what, for crying out loud? Losing? Yes, losing seems to be what Connecticut Republicans do best. One would think successive losses would induce humility but it has opposite effect. We are all familiar with the pride that proceedth the fall but the pride Shays has after the fall takes one's breath away. Connecticut Republicans are so used to losing they wouldn't know how to act like winners. That's why Republicans need Linda McMahon, someone who can appreciate winning, someone who could put a little swagger into the Connecticut Republican Party.

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