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Sunday, August 5, 2012

Cultural elite abuse homeless man holding Bible

  In this video you can see the new "elite" in our country, heckling, bullying and badgering a homeless man because he holds a Bible. Legal Insurrection's Sorock filmed this in Chicago:

  So how have we come to this place where Christians and the homeless are mocked publicly for their beliefs, regardless their social class? 
  Concern for "the homeless," "the homeless," "the homeless" has been drilled into our culture ever since the government decided that the mentally ill needed to be "freed" from the constraints of care (also freeing themselves from the obligation of paying for said care).
  Yet this new "cultural elite" feels free to heckle those with whom they disagree, even those who do not choose to enter into arguments with the hecklers.
  Clarice Feldman at American Thinker breaks down the cultural shifts here:
For some time now the cultural elite have played mind games with people.  By declaring views contrary to theirs to be "hate speech," with the full complicity of academic leaders and media style setters, they have precluded debate on things important to voters. Your thoughts are simply made unspeakable in public. 
This week's stunt, surely another Democrat "look squirrel" diversion from the wretched performance of the President, was over the statement of the CEO of Chick-fil-A that he supported traditional marriage.  You will not find a less hateful company in America.  It is a model of a good business and a good corporate neighbor but for that remark, the company was targeted with calls for buycotts and dopey pols hoping to ingratiate themselves with yet another Balkanized bit of the voting public started threatening the company's right to do business as well.
  We've written before about the emergence of the ruling elite but this cultural elite--those whose politically correct views squeeze out anyone else's-- is new and virulent, a natural evolution of the Obamabots' aggrieved and entitled class that has been carefully nurtured by liberals who resent independent thought, patriotism and right thinking. 
  These people feel empowered now, even to the point of producing a full length rather unpleasant Occupier film (more on that later) that illustrates not only their empowerment but their self-righteousness and lawlessness.
  Feldman's waiting for the rest of the MSM to collapse, even as the death knell has been rung for the WaPo and LAT. She concludes this: there's ample evidence that when the public is angry and organized against the ruling classes and the media ignores the phenomenon, the rebellion does not die.
  Oh, the rebellion's not dying, Ms. Feldman. It's very much alive.
  And moving forward. Heh.

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  1. Yeah, I read the Feldman post too. There is something demonic with those hecklers. Scarry! The anti-bullying crowd needs to be driven from public discourse.