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Saturday, January 9, 2016

Yes, Mark Kelly, the feds COULD confiscate 350 million guns. Here's how

  Obama's "town hall" was watched by fewer than 10% of the number of people who watched the Republican debate.
  Which is a shame because several women put Obama in his place.
  The comment which sticks in my craw is Mark Kelly's derisive question to Obama:
Mark Kelly, the astronaut and husband of former Arizona congresswoman and shooting victim Gabrielle Giffords, told Obama the two gun control advocates have encountered fears that expanding background checks "will lead to a (gun) registry, which will lead to confiscation, which will lead to a tyrannical government."
"With 350 million guns in 65 million places, households ... if the federal government wanted to confiscate those objects, how would they do that?" Kelly asked.
Cooper jumped in, asking: "Is fair to call it a conspiracy? I mean, a lot of people really believe this, deep down -- that they just don't trust you."
"I'm sorry, but yes, it is fair to call it a conspiracy," Obama said. "What are you saying? Are you suggesting that the notion that we are creating a plot to take everybody's guns away so that we can enforce marshal law is a conspiracy? Yes, that is a conspiracy. I would hope you would agree with that. Is that controversial?"
  He's mocking how the federal government could possibly confiscate all guns?
  Simple, dolt.
  If you're the federal government, you decree this:
  Everyone must turn in the guns by _____ date. Anyone who does not will be fined ____dollars and serve a minimum of ______ years in prison for possession.
  Then guess who'll do it, Mark Kelly?
  All the law abiding citizens.
  Criminals aren't going to because they're criminals. They don't obey the law.
  If you think, Mark Kelly, this isn't a likely scenario, remember this.
  Executive order 6102 confiscated Americans' gold. Numerous persons were prosecuted.
  In fact, a family whose elderly deceased relative had several gold coins in a safety deposit worth $80 were forced recently to give those up to the federal government. Though they ultimately won their appeal last year, the point is the feds can basically do whatever they want.
  Antique rare gold coins are one thing.
  Weapons of defense--guns--are another.
  Does anyone doubt a gun registry would not inevitably lead to confiscation?


  1. Would rounding up 350 million guns be harder than rounding up 11 million illegals?

    1. The whole point is to ridicule people's suspicions even while working behind the scenes to make those suspicions become reality.