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Friday, January 8, 2016

Is establishment opposition to Trump beginning to wane?

William Kristol at the Weekly Standard seems to be moving from denial to acceptance of the possibility of a Trump nomination. He begins his post, Thank You, Donald with protestations that he has not dropped his opposition to Trump but makes some remarkable concessions.
We suggested then that "politics is about dreams as much as it is about deliverables, about pride as much as it's about pocketbooks. Trump understands that. It's not clear most of the rest of the field does." We pointed out then that "Trump understands that many Americans believe winning isn't everything, but it's a good thing. A very good thing. It's not clear most of the rest of the field does." We observed then that "Trump understands that Americans have deep doubts about the competence and probity of our political class. It's not clear most of the rest of the field does." And we wrote then that "Trump understands that it's okay to say something the media elite will shake their collective head at. It's not clear most of the rest of the field does.
Then Kristol make the remarkable admission Trump has not hurt the Republican brand. The public's approval of the GOP has not gone down since Trump entered the race. It has gone up! The Pew Research Center regularly asks which party would do a better job on the economy. In July, Democrats held a three-point edge; in December, Pew found Republicans leading by five. In the same Pew polls, Republicans improved from -2 to +2 on handling immigration and from +12 to +14 on handling terrorism. It has gone up on immigration! Who will explain that to Jeb?
Furthermore in poll after poll Hillary's lead over possible GOP contenders has virtually disappeared. Personally I would give Hillary much of the credit for that and argue further that Trump aside, Hillary is the weakest presidential the Democrats will nominate since George Mc Govern and possibly the most flawed candidate in the history of the republic. No, establishment Republicans such as Kristol will not stay home on election day if Trump wins the nomination. They will feel a patriotic duty to vote against Hillary for the good of the nation if not vote for Trump.

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