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Monday, January 4, 2016

Hillary has enabled Bill's assault on women for years. The chickens have come to roost.

  Let's get something straight.
  Confronting Hillary about her enabling Bill Clinton's behavior is a legitimate political question, for a number of reasons.
  Hillary has repeatedly created a fantasy candidate of herself and a fantasy supporter in her creation of Bill Clinton as a man who supports women's rights.
  Clinton is a serial abuser of women who has been named publicly any number of times, only to have Hillary's thugs move in to beat the woman senseless, both in the press and their personal lives.
  Bill has been disbarred for lying in court.
  He's a liar and so is Hillary and everyone knows it.
  Hillary's behavior has been more abominable than Bill's in her treatment of the women who have been "involved" with--that is, who've had affairs with or been raped by--Bill Clinton.
  Democrats routinely drudge up some affair or suggested affair a Republican or conservative is supposed to have had and fan the flames until the candidate drops out or resigns.
  The difference is that Bill Clinton's affairs are a joke and, like the other Bill C., everyone knows it but everyone has tolerated his behavior because he is liked by both the media and the hard core Leftists in this country. The only reason Cosby's in trouble now is that he's old and generally out of the public eye and the sharks have moved in for the kill. Plus there's money to be had.
  The fascinating aspect of Trump's blowing Hillary's little problem into the open is that no one--in the media or the Republican side--has attempted to speak honestly about it.
  Is public acceptance of the Trump crudeness a sort of Obama legacy open sneering of opponents' points of view? 
  Who knows.
  Hillary's a terrible candidate. If one looked no where else, Bernie Sanders's success is indicative of just how terrible a candidate she is.
  The days when you could label someone a "heckler" for actually asking Hillary a real unstaged question just may be over, though the media hasn't figured that out yet. 
  They're stilling pulling the plants out of the crowd and tweeting rapturous descriptions of the "handicapped little boy who" and the "poor old woman who got to meet Hillary before she dies." 
  Hillary has been brutal, brutal about defending Bill's rapacious behavior, sending out her emissaries to destroy them.
  And it's not just that she has defended him.
  It's that she became part of the rapes and misbehavior.
  Let's not forget Hillary has a history of laughing at and defending rapists. 
  Clarice Feldman sums it up here.
  The real question is what the heck is wrong with Republicans?
  It's never been easier to make a case for conservatism but those panty waists have done nothing to support even minimal so-called Republican ideals of equality, thrift and pride of country, not to mention work ethic.

  They have abrogated their duty to make the case and deserve what they get.
  Last night's Mississippi rally should scare the heck out of 'em.


  1. One would think that the Democratic Party base would get at least a hint that they have been played as badly as the rank and file Republicans. The farcical debates at 4 AM put me in mind of Somewhere Over the Rainbow as Hillary, the lion without courage and the tin man without a brain meander down the yellow brick road to the White House. The toothless lion Sanders has not the courage to confront Hillary on her emails or Bill's past (we presume) lecherous ways. Tin man O'Malley is too dumb to pour piss out of a boot. Sometimes I think Hillary has more testosterone then her two opponents combined.

  2. Well, yes, she does. Though there are "whispers" about that, at least there aren't any videos suggesting she is, in reality, a man, at least originally.

  3. BTW There's a video I saw somewhere I can't remember with Bruce Jennner's picture on a box of Fruit Loops