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Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Transgender immigrants "humiliated" by searches

  This is an X rated post, something we don't usually do here in the geriatric tea party set, but this is about immigration enforcement and our complete lack of concern about the quality of immigrants coming to this country but the tremendous interest in what Americans are posting on their blog pages and Facebook.

  Thus, the page break.
  How many words are WRONG in this paragraph.

  Read here:
“They came very close to touching her body, and they looked with a flashlight in all orifices including her ears, mouth, and nose,” Ms. Fialho said in her 16-page complaint. “They made her bend over and cough, as they looked with a flashlight into her buttocks. They made her lift her penis, while the officers pointed at her in a mocking manner. The officers then made OA physically lift her testicles and looked under them with a flashlight. OA explains she felt completely humiliated.”
  More here on Customs at the Washington Times.

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