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Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Kid to Hillary: kids think you're dishonest

  So in that Democrat CNN "town hall" the other night which Hillary opened with a smooch (no, really!) to the moderator Chris Cuomo, Hillary was gently queried by a millennial Bernie supporter named Gipple about her lack of integrity.
  (One suspects the millennial Gipple went off topic because another "questioner" said when asking his questions, "I see WHY they gave YOU this question," when he asked Hillary who her favorite president is.)
  Anyway Gipple tells Hillary his generation thinks she's dishonest, to which she utters a little moan and then offers these excuses
1) she's old, has a lot of political history and thus has been frequently attacked  
2) it's a Republican conspiracy because there is ABSOLUTELY nothing to the accusations 
3)  she's old and been around a long time
  Of course, inappropriate laughter opens this video so if you can tolerate that and the variation of a Chairman Mao pantsuit, here ya go.

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