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Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Trump's tactical move out of the debate

  When I first heard Donald Trump is refusing to appear because of Megyn Kelly's role as moderator in Thursday night's debate, I thought that was a mistake. His absence does make him look like a petulant child (a role he has down) and offers opportunities for his opponents to move it.
  The more I've thought about it, however, the more I think it's probably a wise tactical move.
  It accomplishes several goals.
  First, Trump can stand back and tweet with the rest of us about how the candidates do. How priceless will THAT be, considering that Twitter is the place to be to see what's going on in real time. EVERYBODY would be watching.
  Of course, Trump is talking about running an event alongside the debate competitively. 
  He can then see which event garners the most attention in terms of numbers.
  Most important tactically, this act distances himself from Fox, with whom he's had a cozy relationship for many years, phoning in every Monday on F&F in the morning, presumably conducting official interviews in his pajamas at home with a cup of coffee.
  Given that many of Trump's supporters are disaffected Democrats, this act will move him into YAY territory.
  Will it hurt him with conservatives, who are wary of his conservative credentials?
  Well, I don't know about my reader/s, but I've backed away somewhat from Fox for a while, as they seem to be more interested in backing the establishment Republicans in the race than listening to the people who are fed up with status quo, tired of Shep Smith, tired of being lectured to about how to make hot chocolate in a snow storm.
  It's not that I've migrated to other tv media; they all pretty much suck.
  I just find radio far more appealing, particularly Bill Bennett in the morning, Chris Plante 9-12 and the Red Eye guys on podcast in the afternoon. Hey. Podcasting and iHeart Radio have made other media voices easily accessible so there's no reason to watch what parents should do to keep their kids' teeth clean or how I can lose weight at my age. (I know. Eat less. Move more. Duh.)
  So, yeah, Hoosierman, Trump's  making a tactical move. That's what he's doing. 
  He's the one who has the most to lose monetarily of all the candidates and that is part of his appeal. 
  And he's the one who can make his own rules because he's a better politician than all of them.

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  1. I watch Lou Dobbs on the Fox Business channel. That's why I'm so cynical.