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Monday, January 4, 2016

Hillary and CNN bash rape survivor---"but you're a Republican...."

 If you haven't seen this video, you need to. You probably already heard the media's line that someone--a Republican--"heckled" Hillary by repeatedly asking her unscripted rape questions at a Hillary "town hall."
  While Powerline questions if Hillary can even go out in public because of the danger of being asking unscripted rape questions, I might also note the CNN interviewer's hostility toward the "Republican heckler," an interesting characterization considering the press's attempt to make Hillary "look perfect" as stated by the CNN interviewer.
  Note how the CNN interviewer's, shall we say, frank hostility toward the rape survivor. Naturally this incident of a rape survivor questioning Hillary's aid to a rapist is being shoved under that generous rug that is already hosting numerous items.
CNN: Why does this issue (rape) matter to you? (Duh, as if rape accusations are an insignificant issue for a presidential candidate's spouse to be asked.)
Prudhomme-O'Brien: Because I'm a rape survivor myself.......
CNN: You're a Republican though. Coming HERE to question her, though, to question her at an event, putting her on the spot like that, makes her look, you know, not in a perfect light, is that your goal, is it your goal to make her look silly?
Prudhomme-O'Brien: I was a Democrat. I become a Republican because of THIS.
CNN: What?
Prudhomme-O'Brien: Because of this stuff. Stuff like this that happens to women. It's the height of hypocrisy.

  It's almost as if CNN is trying to establish that, if you're a Republican, your rape doesn't matter.
  Wouldn't you say?

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