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Friday, January 22, 2016

Political hackery ain't what it used to be

Now NRO has been bumped from the next GOP debate in Houston. Can anyone blame the Rience Pribus and the RNC? Unlike the DNC the national Republican Party is trying to affect the pretense of fairness. NRO picked this fight, didn't lay a glove on Trump and runs home with a bloody nose. It's not clear what National Review hoped to accomplish. It assembled 22 well know conservatives writers to assail the character and  honesty of Trump, writers who feel compelled to warn the Trumpsters of the errors in their thinking, forgetting that Trump's heftiest support comes from non college men who won't read a damn word they wrote. Maybe it's cathartic. Maybe NRO paid good money for what seemed to be a collection of copy and pastes of excerpts from previous articles and posts.
For all the hoopla generated on Twitter the editorial was a bust. In general the writers conveyed a Clintonesque "I feel your pain you poor dumb bastards" tone. Yes, they admitted the poor lost souls had followed them down to defeat with McCain and Romney but now was not the time to end that losing streak. The least sympathetic theme was the perpetual hand wringing about the future of the Republican Party as if the challenges it faces today are not enough. Yes, electing Trump would make the Mexicans and the Muslims mad and the Republican Party would not be inclusive. Up you! The base of the party is telling the leadership to drop dead and these clowns seem to think that more unhappy voters is the answer.
What was NRO thinking? If the millions of dollars spent against Trump have not impeded his success why would the opinions of a score of scribblers do the trick?

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  1. I don't know how I feel about all this. I made a point NOT to read the NRO stuff. I'm just uneasy with Trump, mainly because he seems like Obama in so many ways. Something's got to give. I think people on BOTH sides of the aisle are fed up with the anointed next candidate. Geez Louise though look what the Dems are stuck with. Seriously? Bernie Sanders is getting YUGE crowds, even while spitting his food and shouting over the hairs in his nose? I dunno. Seems like a mess to me. I just can't tolerate Jeb Bush though. Noo. Or Kasich.