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Friday, January 8, 2016

Jeb Bush is the least liked Republican candidate.

Even for Jeb Bush this is remarkable. In just the space of a year he has gone from "presumptive GOP nominee" to the least liked candidate in the Republican Party. A new Gallup poll shows Bush to have the lowest net favorability in the Republican field at -1. That's a considerable slide from the + 27 he earned in the same poll in July. "Bush not only has the lowest net favorable rating among this group, but his current unfavorable percentage of 45% is significantly higher than for any of these other candidates -- 10 points higher than Trump's, who is second to the bottom on this metric. Cruz, by contrast, is viewed unfavorably by only 16% of Republicans."

Gallup notes that Bush's biggest loss has been among men. He has dropped 39% in that demographic while declining only 13% among women.

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