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Sunday, January 17, 2016

Hillary insults public with "wacky" appearances

  Looking like an apple with a head on top with misshapen t-rex arms hanging out of too short knit red sleeves, Hillary! apparently appeared on the Lifetime channel the other day, though you may have missed it because it was so embarrassing her staff/the MSM buried it.
  Why is she subjecting us to these episodic painful attempts to relate to the average moron? Why? WHY?
  In this video, I don't think she's ever really looked worse, physically and socially.
  The New York Post illustrates all the awkward and demeaning detail of trying to make Hillary look human by scheduling these encounters with the idiocracy.
  Even worse than having to watch her appearances is the understanding that this sort of garbage actually appeals to an intelligent public, though they probably do appeal to the average Hillary! fan.
  Appearing with the very green GloZell makes this manipulative liar look presidential to the undecided voter who already gets nauseated listening to her?
  I made it through the first 6 minutes and last 4 minutes.
  The Post calls it pandering; I say it's insulting.


  1. Always the damn coats. She must have 46 in waist.

  2. That's to cover up the tire around the middle and the tiny boobs.