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Friday, January 15, 2016

So who lost last night's debate?

  So naturally today, the talking heads are spinning and reflecting over last night's debate so what the heck.
  I wasn't sure I could watch another debate for a number of reasons; one reason is that horrendous SOTU speech. Politics ain't beanbag but that ridiculous dude is POTUS and meaner than an junk yard dog. 
  He's anti-American. Who can doubt that at this point? Or perhaps Americaphobic is a better term.
  So two long political nights was a lot for one week but the evening probed to be quite entertaining, to my surprise. 
  Certainly news junkies have heard all this before and many times but watching the verbal repartee was worth the time investment and the moderators did a fine job asking substantive questions without making the debate about themselves.
  So who won?
  I think it's more a matter of who lost than who won. Sorry, but I think Jeb Bush lost, regardless what the glitterati says today. John Kasich is an unpleasant little gnome. He too lost.
  The other five did well. Again, regardless what the talking heads are saying, I thought Carson acquitted himself well, not just because of the good natured jokes, but because he was knowledgeable and relevant to today's problems. I particularly liked Carson's observation that America has become so coarse in every day life and particularly online.
  Christie was great: feisty and on point defending his record of defending the country and clarifying his position as a conservative, though I always wonder when candidates do that what's true and what's not. Loved Christie's comment about kicking Obama's butt out of the White House.
  It's true that The Donald, Cruz and Rubio all did well, and particularly Trump & Cruz.
  While I appreciated Cruz's observation that Trump embodies "New York values" which we all understand, Trump trumped him with the eloquent and evocative 9/11 memories. Yeah, Cruz was right about New York values but Trump was too. Cruz seemed to know it was time to get out of that disastrous exchange.
  Personally I'm fed up with Republican attacks on other Republicans; consequently Trump's response to Nikki Haley's "angry" criticism was quite satisfying.
  Because we ARE angry: we're angry that the IRS is targeting citizens, we're angry that the world is on fire because America's leadership has abandoned any global role, we're angry that our government does not appear to care that criminals are pouring in through our borders, we're angry that our government works against us with regulations, lawsuits, edicts, commands, even while partying up in The Capitol.
  What do I want from Republicans?
  Stick to the issues. 
  Quit attacking fellow Republicans. The race isn't against each other but the Left which is ruining our rule of law and the rights of all citizens.
  It's never been easier.
  And it's really about who lost last night, not who won. 
  Powerline's take is great on the debate though not perfect, IMHO.

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  1. I suspect there was a lot back channel negotiations amongst Trump, Haley, and the RNC that we'll never hear about. I would not be surprised if Haley is not on Trump's short list for VP.