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Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Witnesses call Ferguson shooting murder

From the beginning this story sounded all wrong. Originally police stated that the deceased had struggled with the officer in the front seat of the car. Then the story changed to Michael Brown had reached through window to try to take the officer's weapon which sounded more absurd. The first witness says the unnamed officer started shooting while he was still in the car. Brown went down and the officer continued shooting.

Dorin Johnson says he was with Michael Brown Saturday night when the officer confronted them for walking in the street. Words were exchanged. Brown was not armed and had his hands in the air when he was shot multiple times.

The rioting is another matter for which there is no excuse. There are reports that police stood by and did not try to stop the looting. Possibly there was a decision made not to escalate the matter and cause further bloodshed. Unfortunately Brown's family has hired Benjamin Crump who represented Trayvon Martin's parents and race hustler Al Sharpton is planning a visit to Ferguson. One suspects the Community Organizer-in-Chief will not be long in adding to the frustration and the polemic with his well reasoned advice to the nation.

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