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Saturday, August 2, 2014

68% disapprove of Obama's immigration debacle

The AP-GFK poll is bad news for Democrats, especially Democrats running in red states. First, the poll finds Obama underwater by 19 percentage points; 59% to 40%. During the rollout of Obamacare Obama's approval was lower at 37% but the finding that 6 in 10 Americans disapprove of his job performance should give Obama and the Democrats pause. That coupled with the fact that on the issue the public cares the most about (immigration policy) his approval is the lowest. Also only 12% of respondents strongly approve of the job he is doing while 35% strongly disapprove.
When asked which issues were the most important immigration was ranked highest at 62%. The break down is as follows:
Extremely/ very important
Immigration 62%
Relationships with other countries 52%
The situation in Ukraine 38%
The conflict between Israel and Hamas 42%
The situation in Iraq 38%
The situation in Afghanistan 40%
The U.S. role in world affairs 51%
So how do they rate Obama?
Total approve Total disapprove
Immigration 31% 68%
Relationships with other countries 43% 55%
The situation in Ukraine 41% 57%
The conflict between Israel and Hamas 37% 60%
The situation in Iraq 41% 57%
The situation in Afghanistan 38% 60%
The U.S. role in world affairs 39% 59%
Obviously this polled is skewed toward foreign affairs but it's doubtful Obama will find redemption in Obamacare or the overall economy. He has damaged the Democrat brand. He may rail against House Republicans but the public trusts them more than his party to handle foreign affairs including immigration.
Which party do you trust to do a better job of immigration? Republicans 29%, Democrats 25%.
Which party do you trust to do a better job of protecting the country? Republicans 33%, Democrats 18%.
Which party do you trust to do a better job of handling the U.S. image abroad? Republicans 27%, Democrats 24%.
If 68% of the public does not approve of the President's handling of immigration now will it be more approving after a promise of amnesty? There is no polling that suggests that hundreds of thousands illegals entering the country is going to get the Democrats through the next election. I've always thought Obama would over play his hand and his party is may be about to get slammed in spades.

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