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Saturday, August 2, 2014

NW Ohio's water problem

  Well, since there's a national story going on in my hood, I feel compelled to report on it.
  Perrysburg, along with numerous other communities (like 400,000 people) buys its water from Toledo, which sent out an emergency alert this morning at 2 am that we are not to use the water which may be toxic, presumably because of Lake Erie algae.
  Oddly, nearby Oregon has their own equally sophisticated water treatment plant pumped in from Lake Erie and they suffer no such difficulties; indeed Toledo's water treatment was just declared  superior and non-toxic.
  Thus the Governor has declared Lucas and Wood counties in a state of emergency.
  I'll admit I've felt rather smug about the fact that we have plenty of water here in NW Ohio. People are always making fun of those of us who live here until they figure out that we have the GREAT LAKES.
  So I'm feeling a bit abashed this morning to admit that we, um, have no water.
  This means no drinking, no laundry, no dish washing, no washing veggies. 
  We were relieved to learn this morning that it's ok to shower and flush, as if that were a concern with toilet water.
  Needless to say, people are behaving badly. Water was sold out around the town by 7 am with people lining up at Sam's and Costco with case after case of water, which they will undoubtedly not drink for years to come since, to be honest, how many people drink that much water around here anyway. I mean, unless you're a health nut in NW Ohio (of which we have a few), the normal consumption of water is NOT 7 bottles per individual per day.
  Though I suspect this water problem is indicative of the coming zombie apocalypse, I have to wonder in the event of a real emergency where no one was available to port in supplies such as the Red Cross, the National Guard and those big trucks from Walmart what we'd all do, considering how quickly people become ravenous beasts.
  Our situation also brings to mind a discussion by the "ladies" on The View the other day. 
  Shockingly 4 of the 5 ladies decided it would be prudent to own a gun, in the event of an emergency.
  This is pretty fascinating video, considering the cultural indications.
  It's also fascinating how true character is revealed in an emergency.

UPDATE: The National Guard is here.


  1. The first thing you should do is call the United Nations just as they did in Detroit. They have determined that access to clean drinking water is a human right as I'm sure your Congressperson will agree. Yes, by all means ring Marci up.
    Failing that YouTube should have some videos about how to drill your own well.

  2. Yes and believe it or not, Marcy has tried to make this about the Republicans, complaining that there's been resistance in DC to upgrade the infrastructure in the country and it would take $400,000 to upgrade the water treatment plants that were declared last week as being great. So what else is new.