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Sunday, August 10, 2014

Obama's roosting chickens and why I started swearing again

  When I first heard Obama had actually made a decision to drop food and water to the thousands of suffering Iraqi Christians and Yazidis, I thought, Wow. I actually support something he's done. Well, good for him, I thought, and now that he's finally done something right, it'd seem somewhat unfair to call him out for waiting so long.
  Thankfully that phase has passed and I rapidly regained my senses, shaken into reality because Obama went on camera with adoring NYT sycophant Thomas Friedman to claim that no one could have seen this Iraqi upheaval coming and the "intelligence estimates" were so off about how quickly the situation would devolve in Iraq. Because Obama, always the last to know, can't take responsibility for something he didn't know, if even our intelligence operatives didn't know.
  Big eared Dumbo posed AGAIN in front of Marine One to announce the air strikes, a habit he has when he wants to ensure that he has a pseudo military setting, photo this time courtesy The Guardian
  Oooo, Obama exudes such gravitas, such awesome fiercesomeness. As if we didn't know, the helicopter's ready to sport The Little Prince off to Martha's Vineyard for yet another vacation of nerd bicycling and ice cream cones.
  Yeah, like no one said when he announced he was going to and then pulled out every troop from Iraq, "Why are you telling them what your plans are? They'll just wait until the Americans are gone and take over if you don't leave a force there as we did after WW2 in Germany and Japan."
  Yeah, no one said that. 
  Except everyone.
  This vicious group--ISIS--is so bizarrely anti-human that even al Qaeda has denounced them, which even NPR acknowledged back in June.
  Looking back, it's obvious that Obama, whether he has openly sided with Muslim terrorists like the Muslim Brotherhood or not, by default he has never supported liberty-seeking Arabic coalitions nor has he done anything to actually discourage terrorists.
  In fact, he returned 5 terrorist generals to their troops for one American deserter. In the middle of a war.
  And we know our military had many opportunities to nail the death cult ISIS without collateral damage when they were rampaging across the desert. Many opportunities. A bomb or two and poof!
  They've already beheaded children and put their heads on sticks in a park. They've crucified Christians, claiming "this is the way you like to die." In what century do these people live?
  Allen West:
Last night, President Obama had the chance to define a clear and present evil in our time. ISIS represents the Nazis of this century. There is no clearer portrayal of 7th century barbarism than this movement which we have allowed to gain strength, momentum and victory. Its blitz across Syria and Iraq can easily be compared to that of the 20th century blitzkrieg of Hitler. And the savagery being inflicted is beyond belief — consider the marking of Christian homes — history does repeat itself.
  While ISIS runs slaughter through the Iraqi population parading American military equipment, those Iraqis who would defend their own lives have nothing, no ammunition, because Obama, in his wise foresight, chose to stop arming them.
  Obama's behavior is so bizarre, so out of touch with reality, that even the Washington Post editorial board can't support him. 
  In an editorial entitled "Obama’s authorization of Iraq airstrikes isn’t connected to a coherent strategy," the editors lament that his orders are "half-measures, narrowly tailored to this week’s emergency and unconnected to any coherent strategy" and that "Mr. Obama lacks a plausible plan for addressing the larger threat posed by the Islamic State," the problem being that his orders are "minimalist and unrealistic."
  Yet Leftist fabulists keep their lies close to their hearts, refusing to believe any such death cult meanies exist in the world.

  Friedman's head bobbingly hour long video interview is posted in the body of his article, "Obama on the World," which begins this way:
President Obama’s hair is definitely grayer these days, and no doubt trying to manage foreign policy in a world of increasing disorder accounts for at least half of those gray hairs. (The Tea Party can claim the other half.) But having had a chance to spend an hour touring the horizon with him in the White House Map Room late Friday afternoon, it’s clear that the president has a take on the world, born of many lessons over the last six years, and he has feisty answers for all his foreign policy critics.
  Yes, because The Little Prince raised by doting Communist grandparents has never had anyone disagree with him before, the Tea Party can claim having greyed his hair.
  Because surely those gray hairs have nothing to do with taking responsibility for the absolute chaos his policies have introduced, both here and abroad.
  And no POTUS has ever greyed when spending eight years in an office considered the most powerful in the world. Obama should have, apparently, been the exception to the problem of aging, since he's "sort of like God," ready to turn back the tides of the ocean.
  Friedman's slobbering love column is replete with intense White House photos of Obama's face explaining that, if only the US--and the Israelis/Palestinians--and the Iraqis-- and the world--would see the error of their ways by becoming ONE mind rather than many, everyone would just get along. 
  His philosophy and the answer to the profound questions of why people disagree can be answered with this one Obama god-like quote, Friedman says.
  Are you ready for it?
No victor, no vanquished and work together.
  Apparently Friedman didn't hear the crickets the rest of us hear when we read Leftist panty-wanty bilge like that.
  What about "they want to kill us" does he not understand?
  What about "people have a right to disagree politically" does he not understand? 
  Was Obama not listening when he has said repeatedly that Republicans are evil and  Democrats need to "punish our enemies," meaning anyone who disagrees with Obama?
  I have much more to say about this but, to be honest, I'm getting really vile when I talk about him. 
  He's so inane. So irrelevant. So unenlightened. So intellectually vapid. So detached from reality. So narcissistic. So solipsistic. So bigoted. So prejudiced.
  In an attempt to clean up my language and just be a better all around person, a year ago I swore off cursing.
  But then Obama.

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