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Sunday, August 10, 2014

Hawaii dumps Abercrombie in primary

While Democrats have been smirking at Republican infighting and contested primaries a funny thing happened. One of their own, Governor Neil Abercrombie was unseated in a primary.
"For 40 years going back to 1974 — really at about this time — every waking breath that I've taken, every thought that I had before I slept was for Hawaii," he told supporters.
There is no polling for the winner, David Ige, and any Republican candidate but prior to the primary Real Clear Politics rated the race a toss up. What got Abercrombie fired? His confrontational style and a proposal to tax pensions. He always reminded me of the Travelocity gnome but there is no evidence to suggest his ridiculous looks contributed to his loss.
If anything this race illustrates the impotence of a hefty campaign war chest when the voters are angry. Abercrombie burned through $4.9 million; Ige spent $447,000.

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