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Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Braley does it again!

I had previously declared Alison Lundergan Grimes as the Democrat's gaff master. After consideration I feel compelled to withdraw that award and bestow it on Iowa's Bruce Braley. For the record, both of these bumbles are lawyers, an occupation generally considered to produce the smoothest of smooth talkers. Eat you heart out Sarah Palin you don't have a law degree.
Pity Congressman Braley. He is running in a state whose senior Senator Chuck Grassley is a farmer who never went to law school. He appeared on a liberal talk radio show, Ring of Fire, and complained Iowans were not clever enough to understand progressive ideas.

“I think part of the problems that progressives have faced is, at times, there has been an impression that there is an elitism among progressive policies that wants to ignore the realities of what’s going on in places between the East Coast and the West Coast. And, look, I face this every time I do a town hall meeting.  I listen to the concerns of people. You know, from what you’ve done your entire life is that the biggest concern people have is that nobody is listening to them. And by engaging voters and talking about why you are a proud, progressive, populist and what that means in terms they can understand, that’s how you connect with voters and show them the false policies that are being offered to them and the choices that don’t lead to an economic boom for the middle class.”

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