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Wednesday, August 6, 2014

No Hamas rockets here!

The popular media and especially the New York Times has come under criticism for its photographic content. While the media has shown countless photographs of destroyed buildings in Gaza not a single photograph of a Hamas fighter or a rocket being launched from a populated urban area has been published.
Here’s what Eileen Murphy, the Times’ vice president for corporate communications, says:
Our photo editor went through all of our pictures recently and out of many hundreds, she found 2 very distant poor quality images that were captioned Hamas fighters by our photographer on the ground. It is very difficult to identify Hamas because they don’t have uniforms or any visible insignia; our photographer hasn’t even seen anyone carrying a gun.
I would add that we would not withhold photos of Hamas militants. We eagerly pursue photographs from both sides of the conflict, but we are limited by what our photographers have access to.

It's too bad Ms Murphy doesn't have the benefit of a copy editor who could tell her not to end a sentence with a preposition but journalistic standard have succumbed to tight budgets.
Gallagher Fenwick, Bureau Chief In Jerusalem for France 24 inadvertently corrects the imbalance in this video.

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