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Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Hillary beats Christie in Jersey but loses to him in Arkansas.

So much for the home state advantage. Drudge Report links to a Quinnipiac poll that shows Hillary beating Christie in New Jersey but before we crown her as the Democratic nominee consider that a PPP poll just released has Christie beating Hillary in Arkansas. For that matter everybody beats Hillary in Arkansas. We'll know when Hillary's career has ended when Republicans set beating Hillary in the polls is the minimum requirement for any serious GOP nominee.
In the Quinnipiac poll Hillary beats Christie 50% to 42%, she also beats Jeb Bush 54% - 34%, Rand Paul 55% - 35% and Mike Huckabee 57% - 34%.
While her pretty girl from the state next door image may play well in Jersey she is not homecoming queen material in Arkansas. In the tit for tat Hillary loses to Christie 42% - 41%. She also loses to Jeb Bush 46% - 41% to Mike Huckabee 55% - 39% to Rand Paul 45% - 42% and Ted Cruz 46% - 42%.

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