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Friday, August 3, 2012

With Friends Like Sally Quinn.....

Rush was talking about Sally Quinn's column yesterday. She tries a biblical argument put forth by a gay Episcopal bishop, Gene Robinson. Since Jesus did not address the subject of homosexuality he must have condoned it. Of course he didn't address the subject of abortion either but he was preaching to a very disciplined people who willing obeyed a very burdensome and legalistic Talmudic law that supplemented the ten commandments. Why would Ms Quinn think Chick-fil-a CEO Dan Cathy, a Baptist, would seek moral guidance from an Episcopalian? Do all Christians look alike to her?
Having taken the moral high ground, Quinn turns from moral rectitude to political tactics. Quinn opines that gays should turn Chick-fil-a restaurants into gay hangouts. The implication is that other patrons will find that disgusting and move on. But what does that say about gays? How much time did Quinn spend on that column? If too many openly gay people would make Chick-fil-a a dive what does that say about the military? If as Quinn recommends, gays infiltrate management will they wreck the business? If the answer is no then why would any rational person want to spend years ascending the corporate ladder of a company he or she dislikes just to change the corporate ethos? Would it not be much easier to eat a Wendy's? If the answer is yes then a compelling argument can be made that Chick-fil-a or any other organization has a legitimate reason not to hire gays. This woman needs to think before she types!

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