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Monday, August 6, 2012

Romney Surges as Mourdock Struggles in Indiana

Mitt Romney flew into Evansville, Indiana yesterday making a brief campaign stop to voice his support for senate candidate Richard Mourdock before attending a private fundraiser. That will probably be the last hoosier voters see of Romney as the latest Rasmussen poll shows him leading Obama 51 to 35 percent.
Mourdock is not Ted Cruz nor is he Jim DeMint. I will concede he is not a witch but while Mitt Romney is 16 points up without having spent a dime in Indiana Mourdock is in a statistical dead heat with faux blue dog Joe Donnelly. Rasmussen finds Mourdock leading Donnelly 42 to 40 percent. Keep in mind that Mourdock has been elected to statewide office twice while Donnelly has represented Indiana's second congressional district for three terms. I knew this would happen but now he's all we got.
Fortunately for Indiana and the nation just as Mourdock was able to ride Mitch Daniels coattails to victory twice he should be able to piggyback to victory with the help of Romney and gubernatorial candidate Congressman Mike Pence. That's his modus operandi so hang on we're in for a helluva ride.

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