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Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Obama campaign: we HAVE to lie, cheat and steal to win

  As Hoosierman noted, the current Obama anti-Romney ad running is so despicably untrue that even CNN has debunked it.
  The facts are all out of skew in this ad; Romney left day to day operations at Bain in 1999, resigning as CEO by 2002. Even the WaPo noted that any deals made after 1999 when Romney left Bain to run the Olympics "just shouldn't count."
  The aggrieved Joe Soptic featured in the "Romney killed my wife" Obama ad was offered a BUYOUT from the failing steel mill where he worked, causing him to lose his job. Because the company was going out of business, Soptic's pension was cut, something that made him angry.
  Mr. Soptic also has trouble keeping his pension facts and figures straight, but perhaps that is why he is such an ideal candidate to run pro-Obama ads.
  Bain flushed some cash down the steel mill where Soptic worked but could not save it, considering that steel mills were going under at the time.
  In fact, even admits:
It was a very bad time in general for the steel industry in the U.S. A 2003 report from the U.S. International Trade Commission found that between 1999 and 2003, “31 steel companies producing products subject to the safeguard measures [including tariffs on foreign imports] have filed for bankruptcy protection.”
  So Soptic's wife had health insurance with her job when he was let go; several years after he lost his job, she lost her job and health insurance. 
  SEVEN YEARS after Romney left Bain Soptic's wife died, a fact that Soptic somehow in some convoluted way appears to blame on Romney who, like Paul Ryan who pushes old ladies in wheelchairs off cliffs, didn't care about killing old ladies.
  A reader at Legal Insurrection reminds us that this story has a familiar ring: in fact, this story has all the hallmarks of Obama written all over it. 
  The Obamas have claimed the same type of thing about Obama's mother, Stanley Ann Dunham. Obama and his wife say this about Dunham:
For my mother to die of cancer at the age of 53 and have to spend the last months of her life in the hospital room arguing with insurance companies because they’re saying that this may be a pre-existing condition and they don’t have to pay her treatment, there’s something fundamentally wrong about that.
  In fact, Dunham HAD health insurance but wanted her hotel bills covered while she received treatment, thus leading to the Obamas' contention that she was fighting with her health insurance company. Dunham was making $82,000 plus housing and auto allowances, with health care in 1995, not an insignificant amount of money.
  Commentary Magazine says that the Obamas continue to lie about Dunham's insurance situation:
Though the film’s script tries to avoid repeating the president’s false claims from 2008, as Kessler says, any reasonable person would infer from the movie that the president’s mother died because her insurance was denied. 
As Kessler notes, the filmmakers were aware of the fact that the president had been caught in a lie about his mother’s insurance but were determined to get this story into the film without exactly repeating his mendacious statement:
  Deception and low blows are pretty standard for this administration and its PAC run by Bill Burton, who was also responsible for a despicable ad mocking John McCain for not using a computer, even though it was public knowledge that McCain's war injuries (torture by the VietCong) precluded him from using a computer.
  Why does Bill Burton feel that ads like this--mocking a war hero's injuries and accusing a businessman of the death of a woman who died SEVEN YEARS after her husband was let go from a failing company--are legitimate public discourse?
  Here's why, in his own words:
This election, Republicans will have more than a billion dollars in their war chest to do whatever it takes to defeatPresident Obama. Shy of lie, cheat and steal, Republicans will attack, distort and mislead to win the presidency.
  That's right. 
  Republicans lie, cheat, steal, attack, distort and mislead. 
  As my mother used to say, even if you believed that, if your friends told you to jump off a cliff, wouldja DO IT?
  Of course, no tactic is too low for this campaign, where's it's standard procedure to call your opponents racist homophobe misogynistic pigs.
  The Obama campaign which raised millions and millions of dollars under suspicious circumstances, claims that the Romney advantage, regardless his impeccable record as a businessman, are the dollars that have elevated a "clown." 
  There's something to be said aside from the horrified clucking at how low Obama's campaign has already sunk.
  One has to ask this:
  Why would you run ads such as these so early? This isn't October. These types of ads started as soon as Romney was the clear frontrunner.
  To whom do these ads appeal? Certainly NOT the independent voter, who chooses not to side with any party because of just this kind of thing.
  Certainly not to the folks who have already made up their minds.
  These ads--accusing the opposition of murder and coldheartedness--appeal only to the rabid base, looking for more excuses to excoriate a businessman with a sterling career who is so white bread and boring that he couldn't possibly be guilty of the accusations.
  Yes, these ads indicate that the Obama campaign is seriously worried about their base.

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