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Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Chick Fil A : it's about free speech, not gay marriage

  Thousands of people around the country responded to leftist intimidation by lining up to buy Chick Fil A today, including the outlet at the Westfield Mall in Toledo. From Northwest Ohio:
At Westfield on Wednesday, lines were seen running from Chick-fil-A, through the food court, and into a parking lot. Heavy traffic was reported around the mall Wednesday. Chick-fil-A employees at the mall said over 1,250 customers came through the lines by late afternoon with about 400 coming through every two hours.Many of those in line travelled many miles to get to the Toledo store. One woman told WNWO that she drove over 60 miles from Michigan just to support a Christian company and free speech.

  This was a phenomenon.
  And it was about free speech. It's not about gay marriage.
  Note the difference in numbers between the two reporting entities.
  Even The Blade claimed there were "500 people" in line; does this Blade photo look like 500 people to you, not including those who are inside or came before or after?
    Ted Cruz won yesterday against a party line Republican who outspent him 3 to 1. Money raised for Cruz was truly grassroots, collected dollars at a time. The Republicans are on the run and this election signaled a new day in politics. 
  Christians are on both sides of the gay marriage argument these days; let's face it, however.
  Just as the huge turnout supporting the Catholic's church opposition to providing abortifacients to its employees, it's not about religion.
  It's about oppressive government.
  It's about free speech.
  It's about the right to worship as you please.
  It's about freedom.

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